AHIMA / NHIMA Member Information

This page will be used to provide information to AHIMA/NHIMA members. 

Useful Links
Volunteer Opportunities

Useful Links:

Nebraska Engage Community (you must login to myAHIMA and click on Engage Online Communities)
- www.ahima.org

Volunteer Opportunities

--- Contact NHIMA's President, Dawn Goodsell at dmgoodsell1@mccneb.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join AHIMA/NHIMA?
--- Go to http://www.ahima.org/membership
--- NHIMA Membership is automatic with paid AHIMA membership if Nebraska is designated as your Component State Association (CSA)

How do I change my contact information (address, email, etc.)?
https://secure.ahima.org/profile/Login.aspx  (login required)
--- You must change your AHIMA profile.  This information is downloaded by NHIMA each month so you will only need to change it once.

How do I learn more about NHIMA Board Meetings (when are they held, agenda items, etc)?
--- Scheduled board meetings are listed on the Events page of this website
--- Agenda items are managed by the President (
Dawn Goodsell at dmgoodsell1@mccneb.edu )